Fuel & Fleet Services

Minor Truck Repair Service

Plaza 23 truck stop and service station located on I-87 in Albany, NY provides minor repairing to ensure that you have a safe journey.
Repair Scope:
>> Electrical (Alternators, Starters)
>> Brakes, Air Leaks, Lights
>> Tires
>> Belts and Hoses and many more.

Minor Truck Repair Services at palza 23 truck stop on I-87 exit in Albany, NY


Minor Engine Repair

At Plaza 23 Truckstop, NY we handle all types of engine repair.
Few of the engine repair services we offer:
>> Head Gaskets
>> Timing Chains & Belts
>> Oil Changes & Tune Ups
>> Brake System Repair

Engine Repair Services in Albany NY


New Tires

Properly aligned, rotated and inflated tires will help save you money on gas. Regular tire service from Plaza 23 can help.We know tires. We provide branded tires to keep your car running longer.Visit our tire shop at Plaza 23 Truckstop today to receive the lowest total price on tires in Albany, NY.

Albany NY Tire Shop



Plaza 23 Truckstop is a full service truck stop and rest stop conveniently located on I87 in Albany, New York. Plaza 23 Travel center, NY provides quality and value-priced truck servicing.7 days a week, Plaza23’s trained mechanics will help you to diagnose and evaluate your truck servicing needs whether it is a simple oil change or an alignment or brake job.Plaza 23 introduces Emergency Roadside Services to ensure that you have a safe and hassle free journey.

Truck maintenance service


CAT Scale

Plaza 23’s CAT scales are open for your convenience 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will ensure that weighing on a CAT Scale will continue to be the #1 choice for professional drivers.
Benefits of Cat Scales:
>> Accurate Weight
>> Unconditionally Guaranteed
>> Can’t miss accuracy
>> Easy access
>> Durability & Accuracy

CAT Scale Facility


Covenient Store & Dinner Service

Here at Plaza 23's Convenient store located near Albany, NY you will get all your needs fulfilled.
We provide Portside Diner with sit-down facility from 6 am to 8 pm. Join us for our famous breakfast and restaurant at our Portside Diner on I-87 in Albany, New York.

Covenient Store & Dinner Service at Plaza 23 ttruck stop in Albany


Relax Inside

We provide all necessary things for your relaxation.
>> Driver Lounge
>> Game Room
>> Free Internet
>> Computer Access

Rest Rooms for Relaxation in Albany, NY


More Services

  • A & B Services
  • Oil Changes
  • Inspections
  • Air Treatment
  • ABS/Stability
  • Welding and Fabrication